Sky's the Limit Parasailing on Clearwater Beach
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Sky's The Limit Parasailing FAQ's

Do I have to get wet?
No, land and take off from the back deck of the boat.  You never have to touch the water unless you want to get wet.

Do I need any skills to parasail?
No, as long as you can sit down that is all you need to do!

Are there any age or weight restrictions?
Yes, you have to be at least 6 years of age.  Anyone under 18 needs a parent or guardian to sign their liability waiver.  Weight restrictions change according to the weather and captains discretion.

How many people can fly at the same time?
Two or three depending on weight and wind conditions.

What should I wear to fly?
What ever you want!

Are passengers allowed?
Yes, if the boat is not fully booked with fliers you may ride for a fee of $25.

How long are the flights?
The flights are about 10 minutes long, and the total time on the boat is a little over an hour.

Do we need reservations?
For large parties or busy season it's recommended but not necessary.  You will need a major credit card to make a reservation.

Are prices per person?
Yes, The prices listed are per person, not per flight.


Parasail Clearwater Beach!

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